AKIRA MUSHI Shirt Yogi Cropped in Akira Mushi hearts unique fabric — AKIRA MUSHI Shirt Yogi Cropped in Akira Mushi hearts unique fabric COLLEGIEN Sock-slippers Let's dance COLLEGIEN Sock-slippers Let's dance —

COLLEGIEN Sock-slippers Emile (phospho)


These sock slippers are perfect for the whole family. It will be very easy for you to find “slippers to your feet”, among the multitude of models, patterns, and colors so varied! The Collegien slippers have an ergonomic, non-slip and micro-ventilated sole . They are machine washable at 30 °, only advantages to make your daily life easier, clean slippers as on the 1st day, as soon as you want!
We carefully choose high quality yarns to ensure product durability. Concerned about the environment and the ecological impact, our slippers are made to last, to see being transmitted as much as possible within siblings, or in family and / or friends. Cotton yarn is used for its softness, it is the main component, knitted in loop, which allows to have a softer and more comfortable liner. Polyamide is used to give even more solidity to the slippers, mixed with the lycra® elastane yarn, it brings elasticity to it.
Composition: 86% cotton – 12% polyamide – 2% lycra® elastane

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